In this page you can find the Gplugin Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gplugin?

Gplugin is a cloud infrastructure provider focused on simplifying the way to do business by using a robust and rock solid platform.

What are Gplugin’s key advantages?

A complete solution, starting at 19$per month.
Gplugin offers a cloud environment, eligible for a one-month free, complete with an internet connection, a high-performance private network, a fine-tuned firewall, a private and potentially unlimited cloud storage, a unified contact management system.
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Simple control panel.
A powerful and easy-to-use control panel that allows you to be an IT administrator even if you are not an IT specialist.
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a dynamically tuned (and yet very customizable) firewall.
The maximum security is available and included in Gsystem right from the start.
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A solution that grows according to your needs.
You can upgrade your Gplugin solution any time and keep having the highest performance by buying our extra “bricks”.

A VPN that connects you to your world.
Gsystem’s VPNs connect all your employees, partners and coworkers to your company from anywhere, safely and from any device. All the communications are encrypted and your business performance level is always guaranteed.
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Secure and dedicated private network.
Your own public IPs, quick and easy to set up. A private network really separated from all the other Gplugin customers’ networks. A private IP for each of your Gservers.
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We’ve got you covered.
Gplugin has a solution for any need and, just like a dress, is available in more sizes so you can find the one that best fits your business. Need a bigger size? No worries, you can upgrade your Gsystem any time in one click!
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The prices are awesomely low! Does Gplugin make any profit?
We are able to make enough profit to keep the lights on :)
Where is Gplugin located?
Our headquarter is in Dubai, our servers are in the cloud :)
Can Gplugin be used worldwide?
Yes, Gplugin is available anywhere without restrictions.
Where are your datacenter located?
Datacenter 1: Europe, Rome
Datacenter 2: U.S.A., New York (Planned 2016)
Datacenter 3: U.A.E., Dubai (Planned 2016)

Why do I need to verify my phone number?
Your phone number helps us with things like keeping your account secure. For example, we can send you a text message to help you access your account if you ever forget your password.
Can I have one Gsystem only on my account?
Yes, if you need to have projects with different networks you have to create more Gplugin account. Pay attention: it's not possilble to unify the networks of different Gpluginprojects.
How can I access my Gserver by using root account?

For security purposes we never provide our customers with a root account, if you want you can digit “sudo su -“ and set the root password you prefer.
By default your users are sudoers and they can easily act as root. We suggest you to review your sudoers policy as soon as you start using the Gserver.

I lost the welcome email with my account password/I forgot my password. Can you resend it?

If you have forgotten it simply navigate to the login page and click on the Forgot Password link from the login screen. We’ll then send you an email with another password which we recommend you to change as soon as possible for your own security.

Is the public IP included in the Gsystem solution?
Yes a public IPv4 is included with each Gsystem. If you need more IPs you can purchase them as Gbrick from the Gdesktop or Gstore.
Which operating systems does Gplugin offer?
CentOS6 32/64 bit, Ubuntu 32/64 bit, Debian 32/64 bit. More operating systems are coming soon!
Do you provide console access?

Each Linux Gserver is accessible in ssh by default. Simply connect to the your Gplugin network via any VPN and access the Gserver via ssh on port 22, with your Gplugin user.
For security reasons we don’t expose your Gserver on Internet, but if you need to access the Gserver without VPN you can simply expose the 22 port adding a DNAT rule to your Firewall.
In this case we suggest to filter the authorized IPs: exposing your ssh server to all internet can be very dangerous.

Does Gplugin offer Windows servers?
We will be offering Windows servers soon. Stay tuned!